Micro Ruler Keychain Hack

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A small, precise 5cm metal ruler on my keychain

I've always loved small, precise metal machinist rulers. I have them handy at home, in drawers and in my garage workshop. As useful as they are I find I never have one with me when I'm out and about - which is when I need one the most.

I'm not a fan of carrying items in my pocket, especially not my shirt pocket - so a six-inch metal ruler just never leaves the house with me. Also, often times all I need to measure is a few inches or centimeters - I rarely need anything longer than that.

Gear I use

Keychain Ruler Hack

I took one of my six-inch metal rulers and turned it into a 2-inch/5cm keychain ruler so that I would always have it with me. It weighs next to nothing, but is precise enough that I can easily measure small items.

It was a pretty simple project:

Centimeters on one side, inches on the other.

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