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Things you may not know about me

In the shadows
I'm more of a geek than you will ever know.

I love exploring the outdoors with minimal gear and maximum efficiency. I'm a backpacker, gear junkie, runner, and CrossFit(er) who balances my passions with my work and family commitments.

I used to run a top-ten U.S. backpacking blog that was highly regarded for its expertise on lightweight and ultralight hiking and backpacking.

I also have a knack for designing and improving gear for various outdoor activities. I have consulted with several well-known outdoor brands and created a series of Prometheus Ocean Diver watches.

My background in consulting, encryption, engineering, and usability has enabled me to hack gear creatively and effectively.

Some of my hacks have been featured on Instructables, MAKE Magazine, Hacker Monthly, and won awards. I won't hesitate to hack gear if I think I can make it better.

To contact me, email: 2db4f6jef7@ (this domain)

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