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Photo Credit: Worn & Wound

I thought I'd share the excellent review posted by Worn & Wound of my Prometheus Ocean Diver watch design. It is a very thorough review with some incredible photos.

Snippet from Worn & Wound Review

"Turns out, not everything we lionize from our past holds up so well today. A few things, however, transcend their era and are worth returning to because their qualities aren't reliant upon the culture that bore them. I'd place the Ocean Diver in this category, while fully acknowledging the irony that its creation is intrinsically linked to watch collection culture of the late aughts.

There is an indefinable quality about the Ocean Diver that sets it apart from its contemporaries, such as the Ocean 7 LM-2, early Christopher Ward divers, and Seiko's SKX watches. The internal bezel, the design of the hour markers, including the oversized numerals at 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, the porthole shaped case design and its bead blasted texture all add up to something of an unusual experience that was wholly original at the time, and remains so today.”

Photo Credit: Worn & Wound

Original Design Concept

Below is my original design illustration which I produced using Adobe Illustrator. You'll notice that several of my design elements were changed in the final production version. For example, the hands were supposed to be much larger and with more lume for greater visibility, something that was pointed out as a negative of the production version in the Worn & Wound review, but as you can see by my design was never my intention.

ocean diver Concept

I'm incredibly proud of my design. Having it go into production, even with minor changes, is a watch lover's (and designer's) dream come true! I never get tired of seeing photographs shared on social media of my watches being worn and enjoyed by their owners.

You can read the full Worn & Wound review here >> Missed Reviews: The Curious Case of the Prometheus Ocean Diver

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