Altoids Tin Crypto Wallet Case

Gear I use
Trezor wallet snug in foam-lined tin

I have an original Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet that I use to secure my bitcoin. The device is small and very lightweight and I worry about knocks and bangs when it is stored. So I thought I'd make a more secure way to store the Trezor to protect it when it's not in use.

Mystifying Mints (Altoids style) Tin

I had recently used up all the mints in a very cool little tin of Mystifying Mints. The tin is designed to look like a Ouija board and the mints are shaped like the Ouija board pointer. I thought it might be cool to turn the tin into a protective case for the Trezor.

Gear I use
Mystifying Mints tin was too cool to pass up!

I just happened to have a lot of neoprene foam spare from my backpacking days - I used it as my ultralight sleeping pad to save weight. I really didn't need very much for the size of these tin mint tins.

I used two different thicknesses. A 3/4” thick piece that would hold the Trezor, and two pieces of 1/8” foam, one to go in the top of the lid, the other to form a cushion at the bottom of the base.

The process was pretty straightforward:

The result was a sandwich of foam on top and bottom of the Trezor device and a thick section snuggly around it.

Gear I use
Trezor wallet out of foam insert

This was a fun, quick little project because I had pretty much all the materials in hand to begin with. It was definitely a spur of the moment sort of thing. I had the empty Mystifying Mints tin and didn't want to throw it away so I wondered what I could use it for. I think this is a great way to upcycle the tin and it turned out pretty well too!

Crypto Seed Cold Storage

Note: I am not an expert in cryptocurrency. Like many of you I play with it in order to learn and understand how it works. One thing I cannot stress strongly enough, is that if you begin to dabble in cryptocurrency you absolutely get a hardware wallet of some sort (the Trezor and Ledger Nano are two of the most popular and trusted) and I highly recommend that you make a safe and secure offline “cold” backup of your wallet seed phrase using something like the Cryptotag Zeus titanium crypto seed cold storage device or similar.

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