Fisher Space Pen Refill | Ultralight Hack v2

Make the ultimate UL all-weather ballpoint pen for taking notes along the trail with just a standard Fisher Space Pen refill (SPR4) and a short length of heat shrink tubing! The Fisher Space Pen and the associated SPR4 refill earned the reputation throughout the world for being able to write on almost any surface, at […]

Fisher Space Pen Refill | Ultralight Hack

I know a lot of people that carry a Fisher Space pen refill (not the whole pen) as their ultralight writing solution for taking notes along the trail. Let me first say that I’m not a big fan of the Fisher pressurized ink refill, it constantly globs up and is slow to dry, but it […]

Small Pens for Backpacking

I like to take notes and keep a trail journal while I’m hiking, so having a reliable pen or small pencil handy is a must for me.  For the longest time I’ve carried a standard #2 pencil cut down to size so that it fits along the spine of my Rite in the Rain notebook, […]

Rite in the Rain and a No. 2 Pencil

I’ve carried a small notepad with me wherever I go for the longest time, usually a small lined or grid pattern Moleskine that fits into my back pocket.  The main reason for doing so is to have some paper on hand the instant I think of something interesting or that I would like to get […]