The Loudest Whistle in the World?

I was recently contacted by Howard Wright, CEO of All Weather Safety Whistle Co. and inventor of the Storm Whistle regarding my safety whistles decibel testing blog post. He had enjoyed the whistle comparison and tests and was so confident about his whistle being the loudest in the world, he offered to send me some […]

Safety Whistles | Decibel Testing

A few months ago I wrote a mini review of the UST JetScream whistle which, if you recall, I was a little disappointed with. As part of that review, I performed a very unscientific comparison of the loudness of the JetScream to other whistles that I own. By unscientific I mean, just how it sounded […]

Terra Nova Laser 20L Backpack

The Terra Nova Laser 20L pack is a lightweight frame-less backpack designed with a “lightweight-but-full-of-features” approach for day use or overnight hiking trips. Specifications: Manufacturer: Terra Nova, UK Model: Laser 20L Backpack Weight: 11.6oz (328g) Measured Weight: 11.4oz (323g) Capacity: 20L The pack is designed with a single main compartment, accessed by a long, vertical […]

Gear reviews in progress

Here’s a sneak peak of some pieces of gear that I am in the process of reviewing.  From left to right: Terra Nova Laser 20L ultralight pack, Helle Harding hand-made bushcraft knife, and the Terra Nova Bothy 2 superlite emergency shelter. Laser 20L: One of the lightest fully featured packs of it’s size currently available. […]

UST JetScream Whistle

I recently picked up a UST JetScream™ Whistle to see if all of the hype about how incredibly loud it is was actually true. I should note that I have some friends and fellow backpackers who scoff at me carrying a whistle with me when I hike and like to make lighthearted fun of it. […]

Home-made Stuff Sacks

Ever since I stumbled across the excellent instructions of how to make a silnylon stuff sack on Thru-Hiker’s website, I’ve wanted to try making some for myself.  The only problem was I didn’t have a sewing machine.  I had bought a couple of yards of inexpensive 1.1oz ripstop silnylon fabric from Quest Outfitters in anticipation […]

Got Gear?

A glimpse inside the top drawer of my backpacking storage chest.  It reminds me of the Scholastic I SPY games that my children play where they have to spot the hidden items in busy photographs. Can you see the two s-biners and the two ACR whistles? Gear Links: My Store | REI | CampSaver | […]

DIY: Reflective Zipper Pulls

A friend recently remarked on the brightly colored zipper pulls that I have on several of my jackets, and it reminded me that this would probably be a good subject and backpacking tip to share with everyone else. The photo above shows three of my jackets with some of my DIY reflective zipper pulls made […]