2mm Dyneema Guyline – Rated 1,000lbs

In a previous post I compared the weight, cost, and strength of various types of popular cordage in an effort to provide as much information as I could about the types of cord I own and have used. I’d like to update that article now to include a new cord that I have recently purchased, […]

Ounces & Inches – Decimal Tables

I always seem to need to look up the decimal value for fractions of an ounce when I’m writing one of my blog posts. I try to include detailed weight specifics for any products or MYOG projects as part of the post. Unfortunately my small digital scales only display weights as fractions and I’m definitely […]

Safety Whistles | Decibel Testing

A few months ago I wrote a mini review of the UST JetScream whistle which, if you recall, I was a little disappointed with. As part of that review, I performed a very unscientific comparison of the loudness of the JetScream to other whistles that I own. By unscientific I mean, just how it sounded […]

Cord Weight/Strength/Cost Comparisons

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly pulling together a spreadsheet of specifications about different types of cordage that are commonly use by backpackers and hikers with the intent of being able to slice and dice the information in several different ways, by weight, strength, diameter, etc. I’ve recently completed the comparison table using […]

Uwharrie Packing List

Below is a detailed list of the items I packed for my last hike into Uwharrie National Forest. Base weight was 20.03lbs without water.