Win a rugged WeBBem Watch of your choice

weBBem watch giveaway

I recently reviewed the weBBem Watch Traveler and found it to be perfect for outdoor activities and extremely affordable for the features it provides. Now I am giving you the chance to win one of two styles of weBBem watches for yourself. Choose your model I have a weBBem watch Traveler model (black PVD case) and Overlander […]

weBBem Traveler – Analog Watch

webbem traveler watch

I own quite a few watches, as many of you probably know. Some of my watches could be considered “high-end” and others are better described as every day beaters. Not too long ago I designed my own set of retro compressor case Swiss dive watches that went into a limited product run of 500 pieces […]

Making the Suunto Vector better with Sugru

Suunto Vector Watch Hack with Sugru

The Suunto Vector is the quintessential rugged outdoor ABC watch and for the most part I am extremely happy with mine. However, there are a few things that I would love to see changed or improved that would, in my opinion, make the Vector the perfect adventure watch. Always Room for Improvement Some of the things […]

DIY G-Shock Watch Negative Display Conversion

Casio G-Shock Negative Display Hack

This project was quite adventurous for me and quite a bit more complicated than some of the other projects I’ve done with my G-Shock watches. It involves doing some pretty nasty things to the screen of a “naked” G-Shock, so if you’re faint-hearted this is probably not the ideal DIY starter project for you. If […]