Stone Mountain, GA – Family Day Hiking

This past Veteran’s Day, we spent a long weekend in Atlanta, GA. We had never visited Atlanta as a family before and with such great combo deals on accommodation and tickets to local attractions we could hardly pass up the opportunity. We chose to spend time at two local attractions that interested us most; Stone […]

Alcohol Stove Demo (Video)

Here’s a short video showing me lighting up one of my home-made aluminum alcohol stoves during a three-day backpacking and canoeing trip near Fontana Dam in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The stove is ultralight and reliable, boiling two cups of water in about 5-6 minutes.  Please leave any comments below.

I love my StickPic!

I took my StickPic with me on the last backpacking trip I went on to deliberately take some photos and video using it on the end of my REI trekking poles. I’ve had it for quite some time and have forgotten to carry it with me, or on several occassions that I have taken it […]

It is possible to go Stove Crazy!

I love Tinny from Minibulldesigns. He’s been an inspiration to me and many other ultralight backpackers not only through his innovative and ingenious stove designs, but through his great attitude and ability to make fun of himself. Here’s a perfect example of Tinny having a great time! I have to say a most sincere thanks […]

Swiss Army Rescue Tool x2

I just received two of these that I ordered using reward points from work. Why two? Well one for each vehicle we have. I’ve never been a big fan of Swiss Army knives or their tools and have never owned one because of that, but I have to say that I am blown away by […]

Andy the cook!

Just a quick video clip of my backpacking buddy Andy cooking pasta on his Snow Peak Giga Power stove during a hike we did last summer. I know it’s a late post but I only just found the video clip. If you like Tilapia you’ll love this, right Andy?

Video: Boiling water on coke can stove

Quick demonstration of how easy it is to boil water on one of my homemade coke can alcohol stoves. In the interest of saving time I had the stove already lit and cut out the time it took for the water to boil, but it’s still cool to see. BTW a coke can stove weights […]

Geocaching at Reedy Creek

Group trip to Reedy Creek to do some hiking and Geocaching. First time Maggie has gone with us, you’ll notice she is still growing in to her backpack – but it’s early days. With us are my Dad (visiting from UK), Andy and his two boys. We had a blast digging through the woods to […]

Lighting an alcohol stove

Wanted to show how quickly one of my alcohol stoves can be primed and ready for cooking. I was a little sloppy with the fuel on the primer pan, but you get the idea. And if you’re counting it takes 36 seconds to be primed and ready for cooking – how’s that! Lighting an Alcohol […]

Soda can stove burning nicely

Quick pic of a my soda can stove burning nicely. Great little stoves weighing in at 1oz.