Win a Hoboroll by GobiGear *Updated*

Jack and his Hoboroll

Not too long ago my son reviewed one of the coolest pieces of travel and camping gear that I’ve seen in a long time – the Hoboroll by GobiGear. My son loved it so much that after reviewing it he decided he was going to keep it for himself and it became his go-to pack […]

The Xband Minimalist Wallet


I’ve written several times about my fascination with minimal wallets and my compulsion to slim down the items that I carry in my wallet. So it should come as no surprise that I am back at it again, this time with a truly unconventional looking wallet. Weighing in at only 4.7g (0.16 oz) the Xband […]

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

New and improved Butterfly Wallet

Thought I’d share a quick update on one of my all time favorite pieces of ultralight urban gear, the Butterfly Wallet. Several months ago I shared my thoughts on the original Butterfly Wallet that I had been using for some time and many of you liked what you saw. A lot of you bought one, […]

Memorandum Card | World’s Tiniest Notebook

Memorandum Card | World’s Tiniest Notebook

Hailed as the world’s tiniest notebook, the Memorandum Card has been designed to fit into a standard credit card sized wallet slot. This incredibly slim memo pad has an unbelievable 31 sheets of paper in it and is only 1.6 mm thick – oh and it weighs just 6 grams! Below is a photo of […]

EMS Power Dry Fleece Pullover Review

EMS Power Dry Micro-Fleece Pullover

Do you have a piece of outdoor clothing that you wear all the time even when it doesn’t really fit the situation it was made for? A piece of clothing that is your absolute favorite and you wished you had more than one of because you knew you were going to wear it out too […]

ESEE Candiru Review – 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Candiru 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

Usually I’d recommend that you carry only the amount of blade that you are going to need for any given backpacking trip. Sometimes that might be as small as a single edged razor blade or a Swiss Army Knife Classic. Occasionally you might need a larger blade for heavier duties – bushcraft being a great […]

My GORUCK Challenge Gear List

GORUCK Challenge Gear List

I’ve had a lot of inquiries from regular readers and new names regarding the type of gear that I used during my recent GORUCK Challenge. So much interest that I thought it would just be easier to write up a review of the gear I used and point people to it here. If you don’t know what […]

Butterfly Wallet | Urban Ultralight


Many of you know that I’m always trying to pack lighter and slim my every day carry (EDC) gear in exactly the same way as I do for my backpacking trips. Once you embrace an ultralight mindset it pervades your life and before you know if you’re scrutinizing ever piece of gear you carry, whether you’re in […]

Hoboroll by GobiGear | Urban Packing Light

Regular readers of my blog will know that I like to travel light and minimal, as much as feasibly possible whenever or wherever I go. That could mean traveling to and from the office, to the gym, personal travel, a day hike, or a multi-night backpacking trip – I like to only carry what I […]

Planning for Unplanned Hikes

Planning for unplanned hikes

Do you ever get the sudden urge to just hit the trail and get going? No planning or gear gathering, just get up and go because the weather is nice and you ‘need’ to get outside. I do, more than you’d know. To be able to do this at a minute’s notice, I keep a […]