Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

New and improved Butterfly Wallet

Thought I’d share a quick update on one of my all time favorite pieces of ultralight urban gear, the Butterfly Wallet. Several months ago I shared my thoughts on the original Butterfly Wallet that I had been using for some time and many of you liked what you saw. A lot of you bought one, […]

A Real Test for Odor-Proof Bags

I use LiteTrail NyloBarrier odor-proof bags to store my backpacking smellies in when I’m out on the trail. I use the PCT bear bag hanging technique most of the time to make sure that bears can’t get to my goodies and so far it’s been completely successful. How do I know if my odor-proof bags […]

Winners: Flat Cat Gear Cookset Giveaway!

The official weight of the entire Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard Cookset including the Snow Peak Hybrid cook system, was 257.6 grams according to my digital scale. Based on all of the entries that were submitted I’ve selected the two closes guesses. So without further delay the winners are… In 1st place and the winner of […]

Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard Cookset Giveaway


The ultimate ultralight alcohol stove set giveaway. The one that so many of you have been nagging me for ever since my review of this cooking system over a year ago. Up for grabs is an ultralight  cookset combination put together especially for the readers of Brian’s Backpacking Blog. Jon Fong, the founder of Flat […]

SNCTOOL Universal Alcohol Stove Kit


I first heard about SNCTOOL gear through a comment that was left last year on a blog post teaser of the Kupilka 21 cup giveaway. Curious about this new manufacturer I followed up via email to find out more about the gear and the person behind it. I’m so glad that I did. I discovered that […]

Butterfly Wallet | Urban Ultralight


Many of you know that I’m always trying to pack lighter and slim my every day carry (EDC) gear in exactly the same way as I do for my backpacking trips. Once you embrace an ultralight mindset it pervades your life and before you know if you’re scrutinizing ever piece of gear you carry, whether you’re in […]

Sh*t Ultralight Backpackers Say

One of the funniest online phenomenons I’ve witnessed of late is the series of videos called “Sh*t People Say”. My favorite of which was made by Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes called “sh*t barefoot runners say” that pokes fun at the entire barefoot running and minimalist footwear community, of which Steven would be considered a founder. Clearly barefoot runners […]

Terra Nova Ultra 20 Backpack Winner

Over 200 comments on the original blog post, more than 120 comments on the Facebook page, and roughly 70 retweets on Twitter – close to 400 entries in total, wow! It took me quite a while of cutting and pasting (there has to be a better way) to put all of the eligible entries into […]

Could a UL Gear Exchange Work?

The concept of a backpacking gear exchange has been tried before, I recall something on the East Coast not so long ago, but it eventually failed – I don’t know the details why. When I look at the amount of unused or lightly used gear that I have in my closet as a result of […]

Fisher Space Pen Refill | Ultralight Hack v2

Make the ultimate UL all-weather ballpoint pen for taking notes along the trail with just a standard Fisher Space Pen refill (SPR4) and a short length of heat shrink tubing! The Fisher Space Pen and the associated SPR4 refill earned the reputation throughout the world for being able to write on almost any surface, at […]