Lifestraw GO Bottle with Built-in Filter


A few weeks ago, Lifestraw sent me their new Lifestraw GO. In a nutshell, it’s a water bottle with a Lifestraw filter built in. I’ve used this on a few hikes recently. I normally carry only my Sawyer mini filter with me and attach two 20 ounce Dasani bottles on my pack straps, refilling them when […]

Backpacking Grill from Lawson Outdoor Equipment

lawson grill feat

I recently had the opportunity to try out a Backpacker’s Grill, from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. It’s just a 5” x 12” grill, with a frame made from high quality 304 stainless steel, constructed using a .187” round rod. The cross bars are made from .125” rod, welded to the frame. I’ve seen small cheap grills that […]

GO-ID Personal Identification Kit


A while back, Brian sent me a neat little thingy called the GO-ID. ( The “ID” is for “identification”, not the ‘Id’, which is the part of your unconscious mind that relates to your basic needs and desires. Let’s clear that up now to avoid any potential confusion.) In a nutshell, the GO-ID is a […]

Rogue RFID-blocking Front Wallet

Rogue RFID Blocking Wallet

Two Gear Guys is excited about partnering with Brian’s Backpacking Blog as guest contributors. This is one of several upcoming reviews for products that Brian let us check out and give our opinion on. Why, we’re so pumped up about this opportunity, we had to drink a case of Red Bull just to calm down! […]

Trekr Ultralight Washcloth by Lunatec

trekr ultralight washcloth

I recently went on a trip to Savage Gulf State Natural Area in lovely Tennessee. It had rained heavily the day before, so everything was soaked and dirty. (It is, after all, the outdoors.) After setting up camp and gathering firewood, my hands were pretty dirty, to say the least. Brian had sent us a […]

Camelbak Elixir Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

Camelbak Elixir Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

Guest Gear Review by Two Gear Guys: A few weeks ago, I started a running program. Since I have never really been ‘a runner’, I knew it was going to be somewhat difficult. However, it was a couch to 5k program, so it didn’t kill me right away, which I appreciated. One thing I learned […]