Easy Open Hack for DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs

Easy Open Hack for DIY Anti Biotic Pouches

The DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs article I published in June of 2011 is by far the most popular post on my blog. It has been shared, pinned, referenced, and republished over and over again because it is a simple idea with thousands of applications and uses. However, there is one question that gets asked […]

How to Dye a Ripstop Nylon Backpack

How to Dye a Nylon Ripstop Backpack

There has been a lot of discussion on backpacking forums and other hiking blogs about the subject of how to dye a (coated) ripstop nylon backpack or whether it can even be done. I love a detailed discussion as much as the next person, but there’s usually only one sure way to know whether or […]

The Amazing Flex O Loc Keyring


I’m always on the lookout for gear improvements. Whether it’s a better backpack, shelter, jacket, or even something as small as a keyring – I’m comparing and analyzing. As it turns out, so are many of you! About a month ago I posted a photo on Instagram (shown below) in order to share my EDC […]

Roundup of My Posts on LifeHacker.com


It’s always great to see other popular sites picking up my content and helping to spread the word about hacking gear, DIY projects, and general outdoor tips and tricks. One of the most popular sites that consistently does this is lifehacker.com, so I thought I’d pull together a quick list of some of the my […]

How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder


One of my pet peeves about using a hydration bladder system inside any of my packs is the annoying sloshing sound caused by the water moving around inside the bladder. If I’m walking or backpacking it’s not too bad and I can usually put up with it for short trips, but if I’m running – […]

EasyKlips Make DIY Tarps Much Easier


Like many of you I loveĀ sleepingĀ under a tarp when I go backpacking. The benefits of being able to travel light are obvious plus there’s added bonus feeling of getting closer to my surroundings – being exposed at both ends like I am. Sure, pitching a tarp requires some practice (Rule #4) in order to get […]

Planning for Unplanned Hikes

Planning for unplanned hikes

Do you ever get the sudden urge to just hit the trail and get going? No planning or gear gathering, just get up and go because the weather is nice and you ‘need’ to get outside. I do, more than you’d know. To be able to do this at a minute’s notice, I keep a […]

Gear Lists – Not Just For Gram Weenies!


For reasons unknown to me, a lot of backpackers think that making a detailed gear list is the sign of an ultralight fanatic or that you’ve crossed over to the UL darkside and become a dreaded gram weenie. I’m here to tell you otherwise. It’s true that a gear list can be an extremely powerful […]

Making Denatured Alcohol User Friendly


Something I get asked a lot is “why is the denatured alcohol you use in your stove burning video green?” Well the simple answer is so that I can see it more easily, but there are other reasons why I do this to my fuel. It’s a really simple trick that I like to use […]

Hydropel vs. BodyGlide Liquified Powder


Is Hydropel really as good as all the hype? I’m sure you’ve all read about it like I have and probably wondered if it’s really as good as everyone says it is, and more importantly, whether it’s worth $20 for a 2oz tube? That’s a lot of money even if it does last a long […]