The Micro Tick Key – Hacking Gear Down to Size

Hacking the Tick Key

The Tick Key is the best Tick removal tool that I have ever used. However, in my opinion, its far bigger than it really needs to be. That is especially true if you want to carry the Tick Key in a minimal or ultralight pocket First Aid Kit (FAK). Most of the hacks I do […]

A Guide to Hiking with your Dog

Hiking with your dog

Dogs are a natural fit for joining you on your hiking and backpacking adventures. Let’s face it, most dogs love to be outside. The sights, the smells, the sounds… did I mention the smells!? Just like you, your dog will benefit from the exercise and fresh air and can keep you in good company on the […]

The Tick Key Tick Remover

I saw this the other day and picked one up for my first aid kit. It’s called The Tick Key® and is a really easy way to remove ticks that have already attached themselves. The Tick Key is made from strong 5052 anodized aluminum and is available in seven cool colors; green, blue, orange, purple, […]