Snow Peak Handle Grip Mod – Update

Several people have asked me how well the tool-dip modification that I made to the handles of my favorite Snow Peak 600 has stood the test of time, well the answer is not so well. It worked great for the first few months of normal use, providing a non-slip protective barrier for my fingers from […]

Flat Cat Gear | Snow Leopard Cook System

For the past few months I’ve been putting a prototype cooking system, designed specifically for use with popular UL mugs, through its paces for Flat Cat Gear. The system I’ve been testing is called the Snow Leopard and is a scaled-down version of their popular Bobcat setup that is used with larger pots. I recently […]

Snow Peak 600 – Handle Grip Mod

This is my second Snow Peak 600 cup. My previous one got irreparably damaged (read as “stood on”) last season. Obviously I’m a big fan of this cup if I bought another one, but there were always two things that I had wanted to improve about it – by now you should all know that […]