Winners of CLIF Bar Mother’s Day Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered my CLIF Bar Mother’s Day chocoholic giveaway contest, so many great replies and examples of moms, sisters, wives and friends who are everyday athletes. In fact it was hard to pick winners among the entries, so I ended up opting to use to select three entries among all […]

Mother’s Day CLIF Bar Chocoholic Giveaway

In honor of all the amazing moms out there and the fact that Mother’s Day, which is this coming Sunday so be ready, is just around the corner I’d like to giveaway three very special packages of CLIF Bar chocolate goodness. What active mom doesn’t like chocolate? Each of the three CLIF Bar boxes will […]

CLIF Bar | Gary’s Panforte Limited Edition

CLIF Bars are ubiquitous with backpacking, camping, and just about any form of outdoor activity that requires refueling. The CLIF Bar line up offers some of the most flavorful and nutritious snack bars on the market, in my opinion, and I’ve been a fan for a very long time now.┬áIn fact, to my total surprise, […]

Taste Test | CLIF Mojo Trail Bars

It was a gray and day here in NC, so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some trail bar taste tests that I’ve been meaning to finish up. Usually I would be doing all of the taste testing myself based on the fact that I’d most likely be the one eating them […]

Skout Organic Trail Bars

There has been a lot of buzz on the Twittervine lately about Lara Bar recipes and how to make your own Lara Bar-style trail bars. A few months ago I posted a simple recipe for making this type of trail bar at home with minimal ingredients and fuss. Sarah Kirkconnell (Trail Cooking Blog) has also […]

Food Find : PB Blended with Dark Chocolate

One of my favorite treats on the trail is a small amount of creamy peanut butter. Thankfully there are some great ways of taking it along with you such as convenient individual serving packets that are now available, small amounts portioned out at home and wrapped up in plastic wrap, or in powdered form. No […]