Weekend Test | Simmering With UL Stoves?

This weekend I’m planning to take a few new UL stoves out with me to test their ‘simmering’ capabilities. This will be a first for me. Until now I’ve only ever used these types of ultralight stoves for boiling water as fast and efficiently as possible. A UL stove (like the Epicurean stoves shown above) that […]

10 Skills Every Backpacker Should Have

I started this blog post with the intent of listing the top-10 basic skills that I believe every backpacker should have, but almost as soon as I started putting together my list I thought it would be much more interesting to let you all share what you think are the 10 most important skills to […]

Making An Improvised Backpack

On many of my hiking trips I’ve witnessed first-hand how reliant people have become on their gadgets and gear, to the point where they often carry things they are “supposed” to carry, but have little or no experience of how to properly use them. Of course this is not true of everyone or even most […]