Bugle – iPhone App That Might Save Your Life


Do you follow the golden rule of safety for outdoor adventure? Or are you now asking “What’s the ‘golden rule of safety’ for outdoor adventure?!” If the name Aron Ralston rings a bell, you might know where this is going. He’s the guy who had to cut his own arm off with a dull multi-tool/knife […]

Altitude Adapt | Reader Testing Results

Altitude Adapt

I’d like to thank Brian Green for the opportunity to be a tester for a product called Altitude Adapt. This product is promoted as an aid to reduce altitude sickness. My background: I’ve been an avid hiker / ultralight backpacker since 1993. I have been on many trips that were rated strenuous and have experienced […]

How to Identify Venomous Snakes (US)

During a day hike with my two young kids this past weekend, we were abruptly reminded of the fact that we are all just visitors in the great outdoors and there are many creatures that call the trails their home – like snakes! The three of us had been itching all week to get outside […]