Jetflow Hydration Pack | Guest Review

Jetflow Tomahawk Review

In 1998 I was living in Kailua Kona Hawaii and had been running a little bit off and on but got super fired up after watching the Kona International Triathlon. The start and finish line was less than a quarter mile from the Pizza joint I worked at and for about 10 days before the […]

ESEE Candiru Review – 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Candiru 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

Usually I’d recommend that you carry only the amount of blade that you are going to need for any given backpacking trip. Sometimes that might be as small as a single edged razor blade or a Swiss Army Knife Classic. Occasionally you might need a larger blade for heavier duties – bushcraft being a great […]

Ribz Front Pack | Reader Review

Ribz Frontpack review

Please join me in welcoming Maggie and Wesley as the first readers of Brian’s Backpacking Blog to become guest gear reviewers! Brian was so gracious to provide me with some Ribz Front Pack from RibzWear to test out and review for all my fellow BBB readers. I was finally able to get out of the […]

Gossamer Gear Gorilla Voted ‘Most Versatile’ by Backpacker Magazine


Thought I’d share a review I saw in the latest Backpacker Magazine email newsletter of five ultralight multiday backpacks. Here’s a breakdown of the five packs that were chosen and how they ended up ranking them: Best all-around: GoLite Jam 50 Most stable: Osprey Exos 46 Lightest: ZPacks Exo Light and large: Mountain Laurel Designs […]

Kigo Flit | Women’s Minimalist Shoe

Some of you noticed my remark on my previous post about the Kigo shoes I’ve been wearing, regarding my wife snagging my Drives to wear around because¬†they are so comfortable. That resulted in me getting her a pair of Kigo Drive shoes in her size so that I could get mine back! Now I’m thinking […]

Teva Nilch Review for

I recently wrote a detailed review of the Teva Nilch minimalist men’s water shoe for If you’re interested in minimalist shoes go check out my review and take a look around – it’s an amazing resource for all things minimalist footwear. “Technically speaking, the Teva Nilch is a men’s water shoe, but in […]

Lawson Glowire | High-Viz Cordage

Lawson Glowire in natural lighting. I love cord. Most of you already know this. It’s good that I do because I seem to have accumulated an awful lot of it over the years. Luckily, there are literally thousands of clever uses for the stuff as any good paracord addict knows. I don’t want to go […]

Terra Nova Laser 20L Backpack

The Terra Nova Laser 20L pack is a lightweight frame-less backpack designed with a “lightweight-but-full-of-features” approach for day use or overnight hiking trips. Specifications: Manufacturer: Terra Nova, UK Model: Laser 20L Backpack Weight: 11.6oz (328g) Measured Weight: 11.4oz (323g) Capacity: 20L The pack is designed with a single main compartment, accessed by a long, vertical […]

New Year Weight Reductions

Less is more, as they say, so I’ve decided to apply that same principle to the title of my blog in an effort to shave off a few unnecessary ounces. Why, you may ask? Well, ‘Brian’s Backpacking & Hiking Blog’ is just too long as a blog title IMHO (and according to extensive reader research), […]

Gear reviews in progress

Here’s a sneak peak of some pieces of gear that I am in the process of reviewing.¬† From left to right: Terra Nova Laser 20L ultralight pack, Helle Harding hand-made bushcraft knife, and the Terra Nova Bothy 2 superlite emergency shelter. Laser 20L: One of the lightest fully featured packs of it’s size currently available. […]