TrailPix Ultralight Tripod on Kickstarter

TrailPix Ultralight Tripod on Kickstarter

The TrailPix Ultralight Tripod weighs less than an iPhone (24g), fits in your pocket, is fast to set up, and can support a full-size DSLR with a telephoto lens. It’s the first ultralight minimalist tripod that works like a full-size tripod by leveraging the trekking poles you are already carrying. Multiple Design Iterations Regular readers […]

Hands on with Capture Camera Clip v2

Capture Camera Clip v2

The Capture Camera Clip system has been one of my favorite pieces of backpacking/photography gear for the past two years. The original Capture Camera Clip is one of my “must have” pieces of gear, but the reinvented Capture v2 takes it to a whole new level and is hands-down the best way to carry a […]

Peak Design Leash and Cuff + Daily Giveaway!


I want to give you all a quick heads up on some new photography related gear that I’m testing and let you know about a great opportunity for you to win some of this gear for yourselves. Last year I wrote about the Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design and how much I loved that it […]

Polepod | Why We Need to Fund This


One of the best developments in the gear mockup process has got to to be the accessibility and significantly reduced cost of 3D printing for rapid prototyping. You can make a pretty decent 3D printer for under $200 these days. The Polepod on Kickstarter is one the best uses of this technology that I’ve seen […]

Peak Design Capture Review – Camera Clip System

Peak Design Capture review.

Ever since recently buying a new backpacking camera, a Lumix GF2, I’ve been trying different ways to carry it with me on my backpacking trips. The first, and simplest, way I tried was to attach the neck strap to the camera and hang it around my neck, but I quickly discovered how bad that was […]

Help Choosing a Camera for Backpacking

I’ve been using my iPhone4 as my primary camera for the photos taken on my blog for the past 18 months now and am really quite impressed with the quality and clarity of the pictures it takes. I don’t bother taking my old camera, a Nikon Coolpix S51, with me anymore on trips because the […]

Trekking Pole Camera Mounts

Somehow I seemed to have ended up with a lot of different trekking pole camera mount gadgets. I don’t think it was deliberate but I have quite a few, so thought it might be fun to look at some of them and compare their pros and cons. As you can tell from the photograph above, […]

Grotto Falls | Family Day Hike

My family and I recently spent a long weekend over Spring break to get away to the Great Smoky Mountains. We had decided to combine a couple of interesting short day hikes in the Smokys with some fun at an indoor water park in the town of Sevierville, TN. We picked short day hikes that […]

The Gen2 StickPic

A little while ago I wrote a brief review of StickPic generation 1.  Since that time the developers of this nifty little gadget (Rod and David) have been hard at work thinking of ways to improve on their original concept – no easy task after hitting a home run first time round. But in my opinion, […] picks up my blog post

Thought this was worth a mention. Wired Gadget Labs just picked up my blog post about the home-made camera tripod that I made using parts from my local hardware store.  I spotted the Wired referrals while reviewing my blog site stats and saw a lot of hits coming from Wired.  Pretty cool, even if they […]