Teva Nilch Review for

I recently wrote a detailed review of the Teva Nilch minimalist men’s water shoe for If you’re interested in minimalist shoes go check out my review and take a look around – it’s an amazing resource for all things minimalist footwear. “Technically speaking, the Teva Nilch is a men’s water shoe, but in […]

Barefoot Backpacking with Barefoot Jake

My name is Jake Morrison. Among the the Washington state outdoor communities and online hiking forums I’m known simply as ‘Barefoot Jake’ – you may have already heard of me. As far back as I can remember I’ve had an obsession with the outdoors and in particular the Olympic National Park. When I was a […]

Flat Foot Rehabilitation in 6-8 Weeks

My good friend Damien Tougas over at has hooked me up with new foot related gear to test. He knows that I have completely flat feet and has been instrumental in my gradual transition to barefoot running, so he thought I would be the perfect guinea pig candidate to test the new foot strengthening […] Interview with Damien Tougas

Regular readers of my blog may already know that I’ve been transitioning to a barefoot running style over the past few months. I’ve had painful shin-splints for the past decade and despite trying just about everything that I could, including buying expensive “padded” running shoes, I have been unable to get past the problem. That […]