Do You Need a Knife for Backpacking?


Not carrying a knife or some form of small blade is incomprehensible to me and a lot of other backpackers and hikers, but to others it’s a piece of gear they don’t feel is necessary to carry at all. As some of my more frequent readers may recall, I have been slowly reducing the size […]

What’s Your Biggest Gear Mistake?

We’re always showing off our latest and greatest gear and discussing the best possible ways to do things – usually based on our experiences gained through trial and error. So that got me wondering, what are some of the biggest mistakes (errors) you’ve made? Whether it’s a bad gear purchase that at the time seemed […]

Do You Use a Knife Lanyard?

I’ve never felt the need to attach a lanyard or short length of cord to any of the pocket knives that I carry. I’ve been carrying a small EDC (every day carry) blade on my person for well over 15 years now and don’t plan to change that habit any time soon. But one thing […]

How Much Knife Do You Need?

When it comes to knives there are only two types of people – knife fanatics and everyone else. As much as I like my knives, I probably still fall into the “everyone else” category. If you are a knife fanatic, then everything I am about to say will most likely upset or offend you, but […]

Helle Harding Knife Review

The Helle Harding knife is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to use. I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Helle knife for quite some time after reading and hearing very good things about them, I’m glad I was finally able to. The Helle Knife company has been hand crafting knives since […]

Gear reviews in progress

Here’s a sneak peak of some pieces of gear that I am in the process of reviewing.  From left to right: Terra Nova Laser 20L ultralight pack, Helle Harding hand-made bushcraft knife, and the Terra Nova Bothy 2 superlite emergency shelter. Laser 20L: One of the lightest fully featured packs of it’s size currently available. […]

Dan Koster Bushcraft Knife Modifications

I’ve been using my Dan Koster Bushcraft knife for several months now and for the most part it’s really good quality knife, albeit a slightly heavy one . However, one of the design characteristics that I’ve been disappointed with from the day I received it was the shape, and specifically the thickness, of the natural […]

Spyderco Delica – EDC Perfection

I’ve carried a plain edge Spyderco Delica as my EDC blade for the past 14 years and have come to completely trust and rely on it as my go-to knife. My original Delica was the very first iteration of that model (Delica Clipit) which came with an integral, nonadjustable, plastic pocket clip and basic waffle […]

Custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft Knives

Last month, after a longer than anticipated wait, I finally received my custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft knife! I had wanted to write a review the very next day, but with some much going on I’ve only just been able to finish writing it. As I said, the knife was custom-made for me by well known […]

Fixed Blade Knife Comparison

I’ve noticed that my requirements for a fixed blade knife have changed over the years as my backpacking, hiking, and bushcraft skills have developed.  I won’t be getting into a debate here about fixed blade versus folding knives.  I have both and love them equally for different reasons. What I will be doing is comparing […]