Ka-Bar Dozier Knife Giveaway

Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter Folding Knife

I don’t know of any other knives for $20 that can beat the Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter. It’s a ridiculously good value and worth considerably more. I running a quick knife giveaway for the blaze orange handle version that I reviewed earlier this year. It comes unboxed and very slightly used, so it would not be a […]

Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Hunter Knife

Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter Folding Knife

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Ka-Bar make great knives. Not just great knives, but legendary and highly functional knives that have stood the test of time. Yet despite knowing that, if you had told me that Ka-Bar could make a serious quality folding knife for $20, that I would actually want […]

Titanium Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife

Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife

The Higonokami Japanese pocket knife has been around for over a century. Considered by some to be a living fossil, it has remained almost completely unchanged since originally made in 1896. The Higonokami has no locking mechanism, instead it relies upon the friction of the swivel and the pressure of the user’s hand to prevent […]

Knife Buying Guide Infographic

Knife Buying Guide Infographic

Finding the perfect knife for your outdoor, backpacking, or every day carry needs can be extremely difficult. For some people it may take a very long amount of time, researching, soliciting feedback from friends and via forums, yet for others it’s a snap decision based on the way a particular blade looks. I’ve personally narrowed […]

My Three Favorite Bushcraft Items


In January I was tagged by Hendrik of Hiking in Finland to name my three favourite Bushcraft and/ or Camping items. Due to old age and my declining memory and partly because things have been a little hectic so far this year, I never got round to posting my response. Sorry Hendrik, but thanks for […]

Fallkniven DC4 Sharpening Stone Failure


When I sharpen my knives at home I can keep their edges in the best possible condition using a series of full-size quality bench stones (whetstones). I have a beautiful set of Japanese water stones in three different grits; course 800, medium 1200, and extra fine 6000. It’s not feasible to carry large bench stones […]

ESEE Candiru Review – 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Candiru 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

Usually I’d recommend that you carry only the amount of blade that you are going to need for any given backpacking trip. Sometimes that might be as small as a single edged razor blade or a Swiss Army Knife Classic. Occasionally you might need a larger blade for heavier duties – bushcraft being a great […]

Helle Elg Knife – Father’s Day Giveaway


The Limited Edition Elg (Elk) knife from Helle of Norway was designed with Father’s Day in mind. It’s not a model that’s going to be around forever and thanks to my very good friends at Sport Hansa, the US distributor for Helle Knives, I have a brand new boxed Elg knife to giveaway to one […]

Dokka | Helle’s First Folding Knife in 80 Years


For 80 years, Helle of Norway has operated exclusively as a fixed-blade knife manufacturer. Folding knives simply never fit in with their strict quality standards. However, this Spring that is about to change with the (upcoming) release of the Dokka, Helle’s first folding knife. The Dokka will feature their signature triple-laminated, razor sharp stainless steel […]

Win a Helle Harding Knife & Pay it Forward…

Helle Harding - 06

Would you like to win a free Helle Harding knife and help out another backpacker in the process? Well here is your chance. The next piece of gear from my closet that I’m going to give away is this gorgeous Norweigen Helle Harding (5oz) knife worth over $100. All you have to do to win […]