Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats + Giveaway!

Duke's Smoked Meats

As many of you know I have a fondness for good jerky. I love to make my own paleo-friendly jerky using my dehydrator and always have it with me on a hike – I’ve even been known to share it on occasion. Anyway, it seems that the word is out and that news of my jerky […]

No Whey! A Paleo Protein Powder Option

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Since starting Crossfit over eighteen months ago I’ve been getting more and more serious about eating a paleo diet. Crossfit and paleo go hand in hand and both have been working great for me with fantastic results. As I get more strict about eating paleo I find myself looking more closely at the food I […]

Review of The New Primal Beef Jerky and Trail Mix

The New Primal Beef Jerky and Trail Mix review

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a huge fan of beef jerky. I usually make my own because it’s a lot more affordable, commercial jerky can be very pricey, and so that I can have control over the ingredients. So I was excited to be given the opportunity to taste test some […]

Backpacking Without a Stove – Simple Non-Cook Meal Plan

Backpacking without a stove

Most of you know me as being somewhat of a backpacking stove geek. I don’t exactly hide the fact, but I am trying to get it under control. Just a few months ago I mentioned that when the conditions are right I occasionally like to go backpacking without a stove or any other cooking equipment […]

Amazingly Good Paleo Beef Jerky Recipe

Amazingly good paleo beef jerky recipe

I just made my first batch of Paleo beef jerky and the results are so good that I thought I’d share it with you. My entire house smells of beef jerky right now and it’s driving my dog crazy – poor thing. What’s Paleo? I’m not going to go into the details, but simply put […]

Primal Strips – Meatless Vegan Jerky

As many of my regular readers know, I like to make my own beef jerky using my L’Equip dehydrator.  I’ve tried most of the popular brands of packaged jerky over the years and enjoyed most of them, but despite being a light weight protein-rich snack to carry on the trail they were either too high […]

New Beef Jerky Recipe

I just made another batch of ground beef jerky in my L’Equip dehydrator and think I’ve hit on a really good seasoning recipe.  It’s been a little bit of trial and error, but this last batch is really pretty good and gets a huge thumbs up from Jack – my trusted food taster. Lots of […]

L’Equip 528 Food Dehydrator Review

For Christmas this year I got a L’Equip 528 6-tray Dehydrator. I had been wanting to buy a dehydrator for a very long time but could never quite make my mind up on what make or model to buy.  Based on recommendations from my friend and food guru Sarah, I bit the bullet and bought the L’Equip […]