Getting My Flat Feet Ready to Hike 2,650 Miles


Guest post by Kelly Ellzey: It all started when we made the decision last year to check off one of our “Bucket List” items and hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). For those of you who don’t know, the PCT starts at the Mexican/Californian border, follows the crests of the Sierras and then the Cascades, ending up at the […]

Flat Foot Rehabilitation | Four Months Later

Back in December I was asked by my friend Damien Tougas of if I would be interested in testing an insole system designed to help rehabilitate feet with the types of conditions I have. Before that Damien had been instrumental in encouraging me to take a different approach to dealing with the shin splints that had […]

Flat Foot Rehabilitation in 6-8 Weeks

My good friend Damien Tougas over at has hooked me up with new foot related gear to test. He knows that I have completely flat feet and has been instrumental in my gradual transition to barefoot running, so he thought I would be the perfect guinea pig candidate to test the new foot strengthening […]

Using KT Tape for Plantar Fasciitis

You may remember USA gold medalist Kerri Walsh sporting KT Tape during the Olympics. She used it to help with her shoulder injuries and in doing so propelled the product into the spotlight. Now it is readily available at most sporting stores and can help you with your muscle pains. I’ve been using Kinesiology Therapeutic […]

Merrell Trail Glove – Barefoot Shoes

You may have seen my earlier post about the trouble I have been having trying to deal with shin splint pain. The comments that I received from that post were fantastic and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond with advice on ways to deal with my pain. I was particularly […]

Dealing With Shin Splints

Are you a runner or trail runner? Have you ever had to deal with shin splints and found a successful way to deal with them? If so, I need your help. I recently decided to get back into running with the goal of doing a 5K run in the coming months, then gradually moving up […]