GO-ID Personal Identification Kit


A while back, Brian sent me a neat little thingy called the GO-ID. ( The “ID” is for “identification”, not the ‘Id’, which is the part of your unconscious mind that relates to your basic needs and desires. Let’s clear that up now to avoid any potential confusion.) In a nutshell, the GO-ID is a […]

How to Identify Venomous Snakes (US)

During a day hike with my two young kids this past weekend, we were abruptly reminded of the fact that we are all just visitors in the great outdoors and there are many creatures that call the trails their home – like snakes! The three of us had been itching all week to get outside […]

Emergency Identification – Dog Tags

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that every soldier carries vital identification information around their neck in the form of a set of dog tags. Easily discoverable in an emergency, these typically contain information such as rank, serial number, SSN/blood, and religious preference. Well, in my opinion anyone that spends an extended amount of time in […]