Hiking with Coco

I just got back from a weekend backpacking trip to South Mountain (NC) with my chocolate lab, Coco, best friend Andy, and his son Logan. We had fantastic weather and a lot of fun (video clips to follow soon). Here’s a great picture of me and Coco stopping to pose in front of the mountains […]

South Mountain, NC

100_0226, originally uploaded by bfgreen. Here’s a picture of me from earlier this summer at South Mountain, NC. I don’t usually walk with poles but this day I was trying them out to see how I liked them.

Uwharrie: Pictures from the trail

One of the main reasons to get outside and go hiking is to enjoy the scenery, but I often forget to stop and admire the small details that are easily missed along the trail. So on my last trip I remembered to pack my handy dandy digital camera and took some close-up pictures to show […]

Uwharrie Packing List

Below is a detailed list of the items I packed for my last hike into Uwharrie National Forest. Base weight was 20.03lbs without water.

Backpacking at South Mountain, NC

A quick picture of me and Mr. Andy during one of our hikes at South Mountain in North Carolina. Here we are taking a quick break between camp sites. We happened across a group of Eagle Scouts who kindly took this picture for us. Later that same day, relaxing in the peace and quiet – […]