In Search of Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors

gg ambass

Are you an enthusiastic advocate for ultralight or lightweight backpacking, eager to pass along your outdoor skills and experience to other hikers? Do you volunteer your time with hiking clubs or conservation organizations? If this sounds like you, then I encourage you to apply to the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program. Read on for details… […]

Cleaning EVA Trekking Pole Handles


It doesn’t take very long for your beautiful brand new trekking poles handles to get all nasty and grimy. Depending on how often and how far you hike it might happen on your first trip or it could take several trips before they get really bad, either way it’s going to happen eventually. If you […]

Derek Hansen Becomes GG Trial Ambassador

The Ultimate Hang Book

Just a short post to say congratulations to Derek Hansen, author of The Ultimate Hang and illustrator extraordinaire, on becoming the latest addition to the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program. I think that Derek is a fabulous choice and will bring his hammock camping expertise to some people (like me!) who coud really use it. If you are […]

Gossamer Gear / PROBAR Giveaway Winner!

probar giveaway announcement

Wow! This giveaway had more entires than any other previous giveaway that I have run on my blog, I guess not everyone got exactly what they wanted from Santa this Christmas. Just a few quick stats: 1,441 entries, 774 comments, 94 re-tweets – you guys are awesome. As you can see from the graphic above, […]

Gossamer Gear Kumo & PROBAR Giveaway


As many of you know I am a big PROBAR fan thanks to my friend, unofficial PROBAR ambassador and founder of Gossamer Gear, Glen Van Peski. Glen turned me on to PROBAR shortly after reading my various blog posts chronicling my quest for a tasty and nutritional snack bar for backpacking. Glen was sure I’d love PROBAR […]

Gossamer Gear Gorilla Voted ‘Most Versatile’ by Backpacker Magazine


Thought I’d share a review I saw in the latest Backpacker Magazine email newsletter of five ultralight multiday backpacks. Here’s a breakdown of the five packs that were chosen and how they ended up ranking them: Best all-around: GoLite Jam 50 Most stable: Osprey Exos 46 Lightest: ZPacks Exo Light and large: Mountain Laurel Designs […]

2012 Gorilla UL Backpack | Updating a Classic

2012 Gorilla UL Backpack | Updating a Classic

It’s hard to improve something when you hit a homerun on your first attempt, and as impossible as it sounds, that was exactly the goal that the guys at Gossamer Gear set for themselves; update and improve the award-winning Gorilla ultralight backpack while staying true (as much as possible) to the original. The Gorilla ultralight […]

The All New Murmur | Hyperlight Reinvented

Later today Gossamer Gear will be unveiling a redesigned version of their popular ultralight backpack, the Murmur. As a Trail Ambassador for GG, I’ve had the pleasure of putting one of the new Murmur backpacks through its paces over the last few days in order to provide my initial feedback. I took the Murmur out […]

New Harness for my Gossamer Gear Gorilla

You may recall that several weeks ago I returned my beloved Gossamer Gear Gorilla ultralight backpack to GGHQ for some rather radical harness modifications. Well now it’s back, updated with an entirely new harness, and better than ever. Recap: During my recent trip to Mt. Whitney, I encountered some significant discomfort from the straps of […]

Custom Strap Alterations For Gorilla Pack

If you read the post about my recent trip to Mt Whitney, you may recall that I had a few problems with the width of the shoulder straps on my Gossamer Gear Gorilla Ultralight backpack. Even though I’ve used my Gorilla pack for numerous other multi-day backpacking trips, this time the straps really rubbed me […]