Choosing Shoes for GORUCK Challenge

Columbia Drainmakers GORUCK Challenge

I get asked at least once a week for advice on the best shoes to wear for doing a GORUCK Challenge. I’ve worn and tested a lot of different shoes and boots for trail running and backpacking over the years and have discovered what works for my feet and my way of hiking, running, and […]

Testing the TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes


Even though I can’t help thinking of these as Trail Running shoes, the TevaSphere Speed was actually inspired by the unpredictable world of obstacle races and the athletes that are crazy enough to take them on – hello GORUCK’ers and Tough Mudders! It features their new TevaSphere technology that uses a spherical heel and support […]

My GORUCK Challenge Gear List

GORUCK Challenge Gear List

I’ve had a lot of inquiries from regular readers and new names regarding the type of gear that I used during my recent GORUCK Challenge. So much interest that I thought it would just be easier to write up a review of the gear I used and point people to it here. If you don’t know what […]

Planning for Unplanned Hikes

Planning for unplanned hikes

Do you ever get the sudden urge to just hit the trail and get going? No planning or gear gathering, just get up and go because the weather is nice and you ‘need’ to get outside. I do, more than you’d know. To be able to do this at a minute’s notice, I keep a […]

Urban Packing | 8 Days, One Mean Rucksack

One Mean Rucksack

At the end of the week my wife, kids, and I will be heading overseas to England to visit my family. It will be the first time my two small kids have ever been to England and their first time meeting their aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s going to be exciting. I’m sharing this because […]