Cranberry Chicken With Stuffing

Simple Lightweight Trail Recipe I wanted to share a variation of one of my favorite, easy-to-make trail meals – Cranberry Chicken Rice.  I discovered the Cranberry Chicken Rice recipe through Sarah Kirkconnell’s superb trail cooking website ( and her Freezer Bag Cooking book, which if you don’t own you should definitely consider getting. My variation […]

Freezer Bag Cooking Vol I

Like most of you ultralight backpackers, my trail cooking habits and methods have evolved to the point where I can carry a small amount of food yet still eat pretty well with minimal effort and equipment.  For me, at this point in time, that usually means simple meals that I can easily re-hydration on the […]

Trail Food: Uncle Ben’s Microwave Ready Rice

Like many of you I’m always on the lookout for new foods that I can take with me when I go backpacking.  I’ve tried many of the Mountain House dehydrated food packages and for the most part they taste great and are easy to prepare on the trail, but the portions are typically for two […]

My Alcohol Stove & Trail Cooking System

Several people have sent me e-mails asking about my backpacking cooking system and what I use or take with me.  There also seems to be general level of interest among us to know more about what others carry and why.  Fair enough. Like all of you, my cooking system has evolved over time and through […]