Results of My Rain Jacket Gear Repair

Several weeks ago I sent off my beloved old LLBean rain jacket to be repaired. I sent it to my friends at Rainy Pass Repair Inc. to see if they could fix the chewed up inner pocket mesh and give some life back to one of my favorite jackets. I pretty much knew they could […]

Gear Repair | Dog Damage Part II

I’m beginning to think that my beloved old LLBean rain jacket is jinxed. I’ve fixed this jacket pocket once already after my trusty trail buddy, Coco, chewed right through it about a year ago. To be fair to her, it was sort of my fault. I had left one or two small doggie treats in […]

Terra Nova 20L Quick Mods

The more I use the Terra Nova 20L, the more I like it. However, there are a few small improvements or modifications that I’ve changed from the way the bag came that I think are worth sharing. Larger Stopper Knots on Shock CordsAs I mentioned in my earlier detailed review of the 20L, the basic […]

Terra Nova Laser 20L Backpack

The Terra Nova Laser 20L pack is a lightweight frame-less backpack designed with a “lightweight-but-full-of-features” approach for day use or overnight hiking trips. Specifications: Manufacturer: Terra Nova, UK Model: Laser 20L Backpack Weight: 11.6oz (328g) Measured Weight: 11.4oz (323g) Capacity: 20L The pack is designed with a single main compartment, accessed by a long, vertical […]

Dan Koster Bushcraft Knife Modifications

I’ve been using my Dan Koster Bushcraft knife for several months now and for the most part it’s really good quality knife, albeit a slightly heavy one . However, one of the design characteristics that I’ve been disappointed with from the day I received it was the shape, and specifically the thickness, of the natural […]