The Loudest Whistle in the World?

I was recently contacted by Howard Wright, CEO of All Weather Safety Whistle Co. and inventor of the Storm Whistle regarding my safety whistles decibel testing blog post. He had enjoyed the whistle comparison and tests and was so confident about his whistle being the loudest in the world, he offered to send me some […]

5.11 Tactical TDU Webbing Belt

It’s probably not the sexiest piece of gear that I carry on a regular basis, but I like to wear a belt with me whenever I go backpacking. The 5.11 TDU Tactical belt is my current favorite. It’s simple, superbly made, extremely rugged, and highly functional. It may not be the lightest weight belt on […]

Reader Poll: Headlamp or Flashlight?

I’m a big fan of using a headlamp for backpacking. I made the switch from flashlight to headlamp several years ago and will probably never switch back. The benefits are pretty obvious; lightweight, let you keep your hands free, most utilize super-bright LEDs, the direction of the light automatically follows where you are looking, etc. […]

Safety Whistles | Decibel Testing

A few months ago I wrote a mini review of the UST JetScream whistle which, if you recall, I was a little disappointed with. As part of that review, I performed a very unscientific comparison of the loudness of the JetScream to other whistles that I own. By unscientific I mean, just how it sounded […]

P-38: An Ultralight Jack-of-all-trades

A comment from Mattexian on a recent blog post of mine (Something I Never Hike Without) reminded me of one of my favorite little gadgets that I take for granted, the U.S. ARMY issue P-38 Can opener. I’ve carried one of these on every set of keys that I have had for as far back […]

Something I Never Hike Without

Everyone has a special piece of gear that they never want to be without on the trail. It could be an item of clothing, a favorite knife, or a lucky charm, but whatever it is you just don’t want to go on a hike without it. For me that item is the lightest part of […]

Leave No Trace – Cathole Trowels?

So here’s an interesting and somewhat “delicate” topic of conversation, cathole trowels. If you practice Leave No Trace (and you should) then your familiar with digging your “hole” in order to take care of business and covering it back up. But what do you use to dig your hole, if anything? I know people who […]

Small Pens for Backpacking

I like to take notes and keep a trail journal while I’m hiking, so having a reliable pen or small pencil handy is a must for me.  For the longest time I’ve carried a standard #2 pencil cut down to size so that it fits along the spine of my Rite in the Rain notebook, […]

Spyderco Delica – EDC Perfection

I’ve carried a plain edge Spyderco Delica as my EDC blade for the past 14 years and have come to completely trust and rely on it as my go-to knife. My original Delica was the very first iteration of that model (Delica Clipit) which came with an integral, nonadjustable, plastic pocket clip and basic waffle […]

The Gen2 StickPic

A little while ago I wrote a brief review of StickPic generation 1.  Since that time the developers of this nifty little gadget (Rod and David) have been hard at work thinking of ways to improve on their original concept – no easy task after hitting a home run first time round. But in my opinion, […]