ESEE Candiru Review – 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Candiru 1.7oz Fixed Blade Knife

Usually I’d recommend that you carry only the amount of blade that you are going to need for any given backpacking trip. Sometimes that might be as small as a single edged razor blade or a Swiss Army Knife Classic. Occasionally you might need a larger blade for heavier duties – bushcraft being a great […]

Butterfly Wallet | Urban Ultralight


Many of you know that I’m always trying to pack lighter and slim my every day carry (EDC) gear in exactly the same way as I do for my backpacking trips. Once you embrace an ultralight mindset it pervades your life and before you know if you’re scrutinizing ever piece of gear you carry, whether you’re in […]

DIY – Single Use Antibiotic Packs

DIY single use antibiotic packets

The ongoing trend in the consumer market of providing small, ready-to-go, individual size packages of consumables has been a win-win for the lightweight and ultralight backpacking communities. Always looking to shave a few extra ounces or grams off of our overall pack weight, these individual servings are the perfect fit for trail snacks, drinks, condiments […]

Ultralight as a Lifestyle?


Have you ever noticed how the ultralight, minimalist mentality seeps into almost everything that you do? Or maybe it’s that you were always a minimalist and are just now applying that to your passion for backpacking and hiking? Either way you may have noticed this in other things that you do and when you make […]

Keychain Multi Tools Revisited

I recently had a peculiar customer service experience with the makers of the Screwpop keychain tool. I had lost the original 1/4″ hex nut driver that came with the tool and had tried to replace it using a standard 1/4″ hex nut driver that I had spare (already owned). To my utter amazement it didn’t […]

How Much Knife Do You Need?

When it comes to knives there are only two types of people – knife fanatics and everyone else. As much as I like my knives, I probably still fall into the “everyone else” category. If you are a knife fanatic, then everything I am about to say will most likely upset or offend you, but […]

P-38: An Ultralight Jack-of-all-trades

A comment from Mattexian on a recent blog post of mine (Something I Never Hike Without) reminded me of one of my favorite little gadgets that I take for granted, the U.S. ARMY issue P-38 Can opener. I’ve carried one of these on every set of keys that I have had for as far back […]

Small Pens for Backpacking

I like to take notes and keep a trail journal while I’m hiking, so having a reliable pen or small pencil handy is a must for me.  For the longest time I’ve carried a standard #2 pencil cut down to size so that it fits along the spine of my Rite in the Rain notebook, […]

Spyderco Delica – EDC Perfection

I’ve carried a plain edge Spyderco Delica as my EDC blade for the past 14 years and have come to completely trust and rely on it as my go-to knife. My original Delica was the very first iteration of that model (Delica Clipit) which came with an integral, nonadjustable, plastic pocket clip and basic waffle […]

Swiss Army Rescue Tool x2

I just received two of these that I ordered using reward points from work. Why two? Well one for each vehicle we have. I’ve never been a big fan of Swiss Army knives or their tools and have never owned one because of that, but I have to say that I am blown away by […]