Ultralight Cooking | Altoids Mini-BBQ

I had to share this. Wired’s Gadget Lab has a great DIY Friday article on how to make a mini-BBQ from a round Altoids tin and a few other odds and ends.  The end result is a pretty good representation of what a classic round Weber BBQ grill looks like, only super small – maybe […]

New cook kit to test

If the weather stays nice this weekend I am planning to do a field test and video review of the Ben’s Backwoods Cook Kit.  I’ve had the kit for a while now but haven’t been able to get out and test it.  If you’re not familiar with this set up this is what it consists […]

GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset Giveaway!

The warmer weather is finally here, which means it’s time to get out on the trails and start cooking. So how would you like to start your 2010 backpacking and hiking season off with a free ultralight cooking set?  Well one lucky reader can by entering to win a GSI Pinnacle Sololist Cookset (a $40 […]

My Updated Trail Cooking System

Back in April of last year, I wrote about my alcohol stove trail cooking system and the individual components that it comprises of. Since then I have been seriously rethinking how I cook while on the trail and the types of foods I tend to cook.  My intent was to refine my system such that […]

Home-made Billy Can

I spent the best part of my day yesterday (Sunday), hiking through out local woods with my buddy Andy, so that I could practice with and test out some of my gear and take a few photographs for some blog posts that I had in mind.  As many or my regular readers know, I am […]

GSI Dualist on sale at REI

Worth a mention, the GSI Dualist is currently on sale at REI for $34.99 (regularly $49.99). This is a great pot set and at a fantastic price. I use the Soloist version of this set, but I’m seriously considering buying one of these just to have a backup especially at this price. Snap one up!

My Alcohol Stove & Trail Cooking System

Several people have sent me e-mails asking about my backpacking cooking system and what I use or take with me.  There also seems to be general level of interest among us to know more about what others carry and why.  Fair enough. Like all of you, my cooking system has evolved over time and through […]

Andy the cook!

Just a quick video clip of my backpacking buddy Andy cooking pasta on his Snow Peak Giga Power stove during a hike we did last summer. I know it’s a late post but I only just found the video clip. If you like Tilapia you’ll love this, right Andy?