BioLite Thermoelectric CampStove Update!

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about a revolutionary new type of backpacking stove called the BioLite Thermoelectric Camp Stove. The BioLite is revolutionary because unlike nearly every other type of wood burning stove on the market, the BioLite claims to have reduced the smoke emissions from burning wood by 90% through clever […]

I Really Want to Like Esbit Tabs

[Updated below] The problem is, no matter what type of stove I use, or type of cooking setup I try, I get totally lousy burn times for my Esbit solid fuel tabs. So bad in fact, consistently under 7-8 minutes per tab, that I am unable to bring two cups of 70-degree water to a […]

DIY Skeletonized $3 Pot Lifter

Continuing on my gear hacking spree, the next unwilling victim is my aluminum pot lifter. I’ve been using an Open Country aluminum pot lifter for the past two years and really like the added security and safety it affords me when lifting my hot Snow Peak 600 cup up off of a stove or out […]

Cranberry Chicken With Stuffing

Simple Lightweight Trail Recipe I wanted to share a variation of one of my favorite, easy-to-make trail meals – Cranberry Chicken Rice.  I discovered the Cranberry Chicken Rice recipe through Sarah Kirkconnell’s superb trail cooking website ( and her Freezer Bag Cooking book, which if you don’t own you should definitely consider getting. My variation […]

BioLite Thermoelectric Wood Stove

I’m a big fan of wood burning stoves and wood gas stoves. I love taking my Littlbug Jr. Stove and Zebra billy can with me on short hikes (it’s too heavy for long hikes) and I like the idea of using small sticks, twigs and pieces of available wood as my fuel for cooking instead […]

Ben’s Backwoods Cook Kit

Let me start this post by saying that this kit is not an ultralight cooking kit by any means, heck it’s not even a light weight cooking kit, but after using it for quite some time in various different configurations I’m really beginning to like it. I have the 14cm version of the Ben’s Backwoods […]

Vegetarian Trail Burritos

During our cross-country family camping trip this summer we tested out a few new home-made recipes that took advantage of dried ingredients made using my L’Equip dehydrator. I’d like to share one of them that was easy to make ahead of time, very successful when re-hydrated and totally delicious to eat – called Trail Burritos. […]

Ultralight Cooking | Altoids Mini-BBQ

I had to share this. Wired’s Gadget Lab has a great DIY Friday article on how to make a mini-BBQ from a round Altoids tin and a few other odds and ends.  The end result is a pretty good representation of what a classic round Weber BBQ grill looks like, only super small – maybe […]

Trail-Tested Recipes

In early July my family and I embarked on a two-week cross country car camping vacation that took us from North Carolina to Montana and back with dozens of interesting pit stops along the way.  I’ll post more updates on our vacation as time permits. One thing that we had to change for this type […]

New Beef Jerky Recipe

I just made another batch of ground beef jerky in my L’Equip dehydrator and think I’ve hit on a really good seasoning recipe.  It’s been a little bit of trial and error, but this last batch is really pretty good and gets a huge thumbs up from Jack – my trusted food taster. Lots of […]