Custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft Knives

Last month, after a longer than anticipated wait, I finally received my custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft knife! I had wanted to write a review the very next day, but with some much going on I’ve only just been able to finish writing it. As I said, the knife was custom-made for me by well known […]

Camping Classic – Waterproofing Matches

This will expose both my technology geek side and my backpacking nerd side in one blog post. So, just the other day, I was reading my self-made eBook version of Horace Kephart’s classic, “Camping and Woodcraft“, on my iPod Touch when I came across a beautiful little nugget of camping wisdom explaining how to weather-proof […]

Fixed Blade Knife Comparison

I’ve noticed that my requirements for a fixed blade knife have changed over the years as my backpacking, hiking, and bushcraft skills have developed.  I won’t be getting into a debate here about fixed blade versus folding knives.  I have both and love them equally for different reasons. What I will be doing is comparing […]

Home-made Billy Can

I spent the best part of my day yesterday (Sunday), hiking through out local woods with my buddy Andy, so that I could practice with and test out some of my gear and take a few photographs for some blog posts that I had in mind.  As many or my regular readers know, I am […]

Bushcraft skills for kids

Good article in today’s Daily Telegraph newspaper about encouraging small kids to get outside and become more interested in nature through some fun Bushcraft skills and projects. Make a catapult using a live Y-shaped branch, then scraping the bark off until smooth. Make a notch at the top of each V, then tie a strip […]