Renovo Trio Water Filter

Renovo Trio Water Filter

The Renovo Trio is a triple-stage water filter that its manufacturer says is for “emergencies, survival, hiking, camping, hunting, or travel.” That covers a lot of territory, but given the Trio’s relatively compact size (7.1 in./18 cm.) and weight (4.13 oz./117g after use), there is no reason one couldn’t employ it in all of these […]

Camelbak All Clear UV Water Purifier

I’m really note sure what to make of the Camelbak All Clear UV water purifying bottle. It strikes me that this must have been one of those genius ideas on paper that managed to make it through development, testing and into production only to find that it kinda doesn’t fit the need of the customer […]

Hydration 101 | Water Enhancers?

One of the biggest problems I have with staying hydrated is that water on it’s own tastes bland. There’s nothing better than when I’m on the trail and I have the luxury of drinking from an ice cold mountain stream. Even after being filtered, the crisp, cold taste of the naturally flowing water is hard […]

How to Tame That Noisy Hydration Bladder


One of my pet peeves about using a hydration bladder system inside any of my packs is the annoying sloshing sound caused by the water moving around inside the bladder. If I’m walking or backpacking it’s not too bad and I can usually put up with it for short trips, but if I’m running – […]

Ultralight (17g) 1-Micron Water Filter

Water filtration systems can be bulky and heavy. Depending on the type that you choose they can also be expensive. Pumps and mechanical devices are prone to blockages or failures and chemicals alone result in a less than desirable end product. So what should you do? I’ve grown more and more dissatisfied with many of […]

Ultralight Platypus Dog Chews

Platypus hydration bags are relatively indestructible and are definitely known to last a long time even with heavy abuse. However, leave one where your 85lb Lab can get to it and it becomes just another dog chew, albeit a rather expensive one. Lesson learned, one half of my ultralight water gravity filter (my clean bag) […]

Gravity Water Filter

Usually when I go hiking I take along my portable Katadyn Guide water pump and use it to fill up one or two 2-liter Platypus bags for later drinking. While the Katadyn works extremely well and I’ve never experienced any problems resulting from the water I’ve pumped and later consumed, I’ve noticed that it is […]

Platypus CleanStream Gravity Filter

I’ve been a huge fan of Jason Klass’ home-made Platypus gravity filtration system for some time, so much so that I copied the entire set up and now use that as my ultralight water filtration system of choice. Below is a video by Jason describing how his system works and the basic components necessary to […]