Interview with Dave Collins

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I recently had some time to talk with Dave Collins from about his new project and I figured I would do a quick write-up to cover our discussion. Dave is a determined and passionate hiker with a vision to help spread the benefits of lightweight and ultralight hiking techniques. He is currently looking for […]

Jetflow Hydration Pack | Guest Review

Jetflow Tomahawk Review

In 1998 I was living in Kailua Kona Hawaii and had been running a little bit off and on but got super fired up after watching the Kona International Triathlon. The start and finish line was less than a quarter mile from the Pizza joint I worked at and for about 10 days before the […]

Ultralight A-Z | Help Fund An Amazing Project

Have you ever noticed how small the UL backpacking blogging community is? We tend to either know one another or, at the very least, know of one another. I like to think of us all, bloggers and readers, as a pretty close-knit community of helpers and givers. I can think of numerous examples where I […]

Ruff Wear Bark’n Boots | Field Test

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post in which I mentioned that I was considering getting a set of hiking boots for my trail buddy, Coco the chocolate lab. I had noticed that on longer hikes the pads of her feet pads got sore to the point where se was reluctant to keep […]

Safety Whistles | Decibel Testing

A few months ago I wrote a mini review of the UST JetScream whistle which, if you recall, I was a little disappointed with. As part of that review, I performed a very unscientific comparison of the loudness of the JetScream to other whistles that I own. By unscientific I mean, just how it sounded […]

BioLite Thermoelectric Wood Stove

I’m a big fan of wood burning stoves and wood gas stoves. I love taking my Littlbug Jr. Stove and Zebra billy can with me on short hikes (it’s too heavy for long hikes) and I like the idea of using small sticks, twigs and pieces of available wood as my fuel for cooking instead […]

LOKSAK Video Challenge

Like many of you, I’ve been a huge fan of the LOKSAK element proof storage bags for a very long time. They have proven themselves to be reliable under so many rough conditions that I couldn’t imagine carrying my more delicate gear in anything else. Well now you have a chance to win a really […]

DIY Tyvek Stuff Sack

I’ve used FedEx and UPS Tyvek envelopes for small ground cloths or kneeling pads for quite some time, but I’ve never thought of using them as stuff sacks, yet alone making them myself with dental floss. I have to say that after seeing this video I made one exactly like it and it’s pretty slick. […]

The Gen2 StickPic

A little while ago I wrote a brief review of StickPic generation 1.  Since that time the developers of this nifty little gadget (Rod and David) have been hard at work thinking of ways to improve on their original concept – no easy task after hitting a home run first time round. But in my opinion, […]

Bud-Lite Alcohol Stove Raffle!

Another month means another stove giveaway! This month instead of a Black-Ops soda can stove it’s going to be one of my home-made Bud-Lite alcohol stoves. This is the stove that I carry with me all the time on backpacking trips and day hikes. It’s reliable, efficient, almost indestructible, and super light weight. Note: the […]