TATO Element Makes Wood Burning Enjoyable

TATO Element Wood Burning Stove

I’ve been testing the TATO Element titanium wood burning stove for the past three or four months and I have to say that I am very impressed with not only its performance as a backpacking stove, with the thought and detail that has clearly gone into its design. TATO Gear is a small family owned […]

How to Anodize Titanium Using Diet Coke


So now you finally have that fancy titanium spork, tent stakes, or other piece of gear that you have been salivating over at your local outdoor store. The only problem, it is the wrong color. How would you go about changing this? Well, did you know that you can use Diet Coke to anodize titanium […]

Titanium Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife

Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife

The Higonokami Japanese pocket knife has been around for over a century. Considered by some to be a living fossil, it has remained almost completely unchanged since originally made in 1896. The Higonokami has no locking mechanism, instead it relies upon the friction of the swivel and the pressure of the user’s hand to prevent […]

Winners: Flat Cat Gear Cookset Giveaway!

The official weight of the entire Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard Cookset including the Snow Peak Hybrid cook system, was 257.6 grams according to my digital scale. Based on all of the entries that were submitted I’ve selected the two closes guesses. So without further delay the winners are… In 1st place and the winner of […]

Evernew DX TI Stove | Gear Closet Giveaway

Evernew Titanium DX Stove - 5

After a fews days hiking the AT this past weekend with Stick and Joe, I decided that it was about time to have another gear closet giveaway. With all of our trail talk about stoves and cooking I realized that I have not used my Evernew DX titanium stove set in well over a year […]

Tent Stake Storage Hack | Cardboard

Here’s a simple trick that I use to make storing my titanium tent stakes a little more fabric-piercing friendly. I’ve had too many pieces of expensive gear accidentally stabbed by these thin tent stakes that I really care to mention, so this hack is a great solution that you might find useful too. Cut off […]

Titanium Foil Esbit ‘Tray’ Stove a.k.a ‘BGET’

BGET Titanium Stove

I have a love-hate relationship with Esbit fuel tabs. I want to love them, I really do, but they seem to never work quite right for me so I end up getting frustrated and hating them. The Short Burn Time Issue You may recall that a few weeks ago I posted a blog article about […]

Snow Peak 600 – Handle Grip Mod

This is my second Snow Peak 600 cup. My previous one got irreparably damaged (read as “stood on”) last season. Obviously I’m a big fan of this cup if I bought another one, but there were always two things that I had wanted to improve about it – by now you should all know that […]

Vargo Ti Tent Stakes – Quick Hi-Vis Mod

I’ve decided I’m not going to lose any more of my titanium tent stakes! Despite taking care and doing a sweep of my campsite after taking everything down, I still manage to lose a tent stake every now and then – argh! They’re just too darn expensive to keep replacing, so I’m transforming the dull, […]

Evernew Titanium DX Stove Set

This is the stove that I wanted to fall in love with. It was supposed to be the answer to all my geeky stove dreams; lightweight, multi-fuel, compact and durable. It promised me stove nirvana, but in reality it was unable to deliver on that promise. Over the past year I’ve had the chance to […]