Are Dome Tents Best For Mountain Hiking?

I’m considering buying a one-person tent. I think I’m going to need it for my second trip to Mt. Whitney later this summer, but that’s sort of a new thing for me having gotten used to a tarp and bivy combo and before that a hammock. The only tents I have are for ‘family’ camping. […]

EasyKlips Make DIY Tarps Much Easier


Like many of you I love sleeping under a tarp when I go backpacking. The benefits of being able to travel light are obvious plus there’s added bonus feeling of getting closer to my surroundings – being exposed at both ends like I am. Sure, pitching a tarp requires some practice (Rule #4) in order to get […]

Mt. Whitney and Altitude Sickness

Last week I traveled to the West Coast to meet up with Jason Klass and Ben Tang (Ben2World) for a multi-day hike up Mt. Whitney with the ultimate goal of reaching the summit. However, due to increasingly severe symptoms of altitude sickness I had to turn back at around 13,500ft and wasn’t able to top […]

The Tarp Bivy Combo: Your Sub 1lb Shelter

Making the switch to a tarp didn’t happen quickly for me, the thought of creepy crawlies walking all over me while I slept wasn’t exactly alluring. Over the years I’ve slowly reduced the weight of my shelters, mostly tents and hammocks, but eventually I reached the point where tents and hammocks were holding me back […]

Mentioned in April’s Backpacker Magazine

This is so silly but I had to share it because it appealed to my inner geek. I was flipping through the April 2011 edition of Backpacker magazine last night, looking at all the awesome gear reviews (it’s the big Gear Guide issue) when I noticed my name mentioned on the inside back page under […]

Taking The Tarp Plunge

I’ve been toying with the idea of switching over to a tarp as my primary shelter for quite some time, but for reasons that escape me right now, I have never quite been able to fully commit to taking the plunge. My current solution is a Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym, which is by no means […]

Home-made Stuff Sacks

Ever since I stumbled across the excellent instructions of how to make a silnylon stuff sack on Thru-Hiker’s website, I’ve wanted to try making some for myself.  The only problem was I didn’t have a sewing machine.  I had bought a couple of yards of inexpensive 1.1oz ripstop silnylon fabric from Quest Outfitters in anticipation […]

Xmas backpacking goodies

I thought I’d share with you all some of the very cool backpacking and hiking related gear goodies that I received this year as Christmas presents from my family. Most of these were on my list of ideas as very specific items, but a few were well considered surprises.  My family rocks! Black Diamond Orbit […]