Mobile Apps for Any Outdoor Adventure

Please join me in welcoming Whitney Adams as a guest blogger for Brian’s Backpacking Blog. The great outdoors is a place where people can go to get back to nature and not have to worry about emails, phone calls, or anything work related. However, there is a way to incorporate technology into your outdoor adventure. […]

Making An Improvised Backpack

On many of my hiking trips I’ve witnessed first-hand how reliant people have become on their gadgets and gear, to the point where they often carry things they are “supposed” to carry, but have little or no experience of how to properly use them. Of course this is not true of everyone or even most […]

Emergency Identification – Dog Tags

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that every soldier carries vital identification information around their neck in the form of a set of dog tags. Easily discoverable in an emergency, these typically contain information such as rank, serial number, SSN/blood, and religious preference. Well, in my opinion anyone that spends an extended amount of time in […]