A Real Test for Odor-Proof Bags

I use LiteTrail NyloBarrier odor-proof bags to store my backpacking smellies in when I’m out on the trail. I use the PCT bear bag hanging technique most of the time to make sure that bears can’t get to my goodies and so far it’s been completely successful. How do I know if my odor-proof bags […]

Hoboroll by GobiGear | Urban Packing Light

Regular readers of my blog will know that I like to travel light and minimal, as much as feasibly possible whenever or wherever I go. That could mean traveling to and from the office, to the gym, personal travel, a day hike, or a multi-night backpacking trip – I like to only carry what I […]

Backpacking Stocking Stuffers

It’s been a slow week, not much going on outside and no hiking trips to speak of, so I thought I’d share some photos of a few funny little backpacking-related stocking stuffers that my wife bought for me this year.┬áIt’s always fun to put things on my Christmas list that seem to make no sense […]