Do You Use a Knife Lanyard?

I’ve never felt the need to attach a lanyard or short length of cord to any of the pocket knives that I carry. I’ve been carrying a small EDC (every day carry) blade on my person for well over 15 years now and don’t plan to change that habit any time soon. But one thing […]

How Much Knife Do You Need?

When it comes to knives there are only two types of people – knife fanatics and everyone else. As much as I like my knives, I probably still fall into the “everyone else” category. If you are a knife fanatic, then everything I am about to say will most likely upset or offend you, but […]

Spyderco Delica – EDC Perfection

I’ve carried a plain edge Spyderco Delica as my EDC blade for the past 14 years and have come to completely trust and rely on it as my go-to knife. My original Delica was the very first iteration of that model (Delica Clipit) which came with an integral, nonadjustable, plastic pocket clip and basic waffle […]

Giveaway: GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

Later this week I will be giving away a brand new GSI Pinnacle Soloist cooking set to one very luck blog reader courtesy of my new OpenSky store. In addition to the cook set giveaway, I will be giving everyone a 10% off coupon that can be used this month on any order from my […]

Custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft Knives

Last month, after a longer than anticipated wait, I finally received my custom-made Dan Koster Bushcraft knife! I had wanted to write a review the very next day, but with some much going on I’ve only just been able to finish writing it. As I said, the knife was custom-made for me by well known […]

Swiss Army Rescue Tool x2

I just received two of these that I ordered using reward points from work. Why two? Well one for each vehicle we have. I’ve never been a big fan of Swiss Army knives or their tools and have never owned one because of that, but I have to say that I am blown away by […]