Backpacking Meals: What to Eat on the Trail


Photo by Dave Giordano One of my personal battles with backpacking is always the question, what am I going to eat on the trail? I love hiking long distances and setting up camp but I don’t love freeze-dried backpacking meals. I used to pack my backpack full of granola bars and trail mix and try […]

Backpacking Without a Stove – Simple Non-Cook Meal Plan

Backpacking without a stove

Most of you know me as being somewhat of a backpacking stove geek. I don’t exactly hide the fact, but I am trying to get it under control. Just a few months ago I mentioned that when the conditions are right I occasionally like to go backpacking without a stove or any other cooking equipment […]

Amazingly Good Paleo Beef Jerky Recipe

Amazingly good paleo beef jerky recipe

I just made my first batch of Paleo beef jerky and the results are so good that I thought I’d share it with you. My entire house smells of beef jerky right now and it’s driving my dog crazy – poor thing. What’s Paleo? I’m not going to go into the details, but simply put […]

Hydration 101 | Water Enhancers?

One of the biggest problems I have with staying hydrated is that water on it’s own tastes bland. There’s nothing better than when I’m on the trail and I have the luxury of drinking from an ice cold mountain stream. Even after being filtered, the crisp, cold taste of the naturally flowing water is hard […]

Liquid Biscotti aka ‘Super Spackle’

I tried a new recipe for my trip to Mt Whitney that is a calorie-dense, delicious treat that can be eaten on its own or added to other meals, like breakfast oatmeal, for a boost of energy to kick-start your day. Unlike most people, ultralight backpackers do not eat low-calorie snacks. We’re not dieting when […]

GORP – My Preferred Recipe

GORP (good old raisins and peanuts) and trail mixes in general are typically a combination of dried fruit, grains, nuts, and sometimes chocolate, all thrown together as a snack food that is easy to take on hikes or backpacking. For many of us (myself included) GORP is considered an ideal snack food for hiking, because […]

Skout Organic Trail Bars

There has been a lot of buzz on the Twittervine lately about Lara Bar recipes and how to make your own Lara Bar-style trail bars. A few months ago I posted a simple recipe for making this type of trail bar at home with minimal ingredients and fuss. Sarah Kirkconnell (Trail Cooking Blog) has also […]

Trail Breakfast – Archer Farms Granola

Just a quick post to let you all know about a cool ‘food find’ as Sarah would say. My wife just picked up a bunch of individual serving size packets of Archer Farms granola breakfast cereals at our local Target store. They were on sale at 50% off ($0.48) each. That’s a great price for […]

Powdered Peanut Butter – PB2

One of my favorite snacks and food ingredients is now better than ever – it’s a lightweight powder! Check out Bell Plantation’s PB2 powdered peanut butter products.Their unique process removes over 85% of the fat from the peanuts. The oil is squeezed out of roasted peanuts and what remains is their famous powdered peanut butter […]

Cranberry Chicken With Stuffing

Simple Lightweight Trail Recipe I wanted to share a variation of one of my favorite, easy-to-make trail meals – Cranberry Chicken Rice.  I discovered the Cranberry Chicken Rice recipe through Sarah Kirkconnell’s superb trail cooking website ( and her Freezer Bag Cooking book, which if you don’t own you should definitely consider getting. My variation […]