Why Do You Hike?

Trail Sign

It’s a pretty simple question, but have you ever stopped to really think about it? What is it about hiking and backpacking that motivates you enough to go outside, give up the so called ‘comforts’ of home, and sleep outdoors? Is it the sense of freedom? Sense of adventure? The peace and quite? Solitude? Time […]

Blog Makeover From Young Artist

A few months ago I stumbled upon the work of an aspiring young artist that immediately caught my eye. I was classically trained as an illustrator and while I may not work in that field anymore, I still enjoy drawing, painting and looking at art of all kinds – chances are you’ve seen some of […]

Wired.com picks up my blog post

Thought this was worth a mention. Wired Gadget Labs just picked up my blog post about the home-made camera tripod that I made using parts from my local hardware store.  I spotted the Wired referrals while reviewing my blog site stats and saw a lot of hits coming from Wired.  Pretty cool, even if they […]

Fractured Ribs

I’ve been having pain in my ribs for the past two weeks due to an accidental kick during karate sparring one evening at class. The pain had been subsiding, but this past Sunday it took a sudden turn for the worst and I decide I should go get it looked at. With the holiday weekend […]

Fifth member of the Green family

Say hello to Coco (formerly Java) our new four-legged friend. She is a gorgeous 2-year old chocolate colored Lab that we brought home yesterday from her foster home. She’s been amazing, sleeping through the night on her new bed, going for walks and doing her business, playing ball with Jack in the back yard and […]

Proud to be an American!

Today at approximately 2pm, I took my oath of allegiance and became a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America. It’s been a long and somewhat painful path through all of the immigration paperwork, but I can confidently say that I did it the right way and earned it.  I am very proud to […]

Becoming a US Citizen

Today I had my US citizenship interview and civics test as the final step in applying to become a US Citizen. I’m very pleased and proud to announce that I passed and will be sworn in as a US Citizen on February 18th. It should be a very exciting ceremony and I know my family […]

About Brian

My love of the outdoors started at a very early age, almost as far back as I can remember. I was born in the south of England at a time when spending all day outdoors as a small kid was considered perfectly normal.  I was the youngest of four children and loved tagging along with […]