Making the Suunto Vector better with Sugru

Suunto Vector Watch Hack with Sugru

The Suunto Vector is the quintessential rugged outdoor ABC watch and for the most part I am extremely¬†happy with mine. However, there are a few things that I would love to see changed or improved that would, in my opinion, make the Vector the perfect adventure watch. Always Room for Improvement Some of the things […]

How to Dye a Ripstop Nylon Backpack

How to Dye a Nylon Ripstop Backpack

There has been a lot of discussion on backpacking forums and other hiking blogs about the subject of how to dye a (coated) ripstop nylon backpack or whether it can even be done. I love a detailed discussion as much as the next person, but there’s usually only one sure way to know whether or […]

How to Anodize Titanium Using Diet Coke


So now you finally have that fancy titanium spork, tent stakes, or other piece of gear that you have been salivating over at your local outdoor store. The only problem, it is the wrong color. How would you go about changing this? Well, did you know that you can use Diet Coke to anodize titanium […]

Snow Peak Handle Grip Mod – Update

Several people have asked me how well the tool-dip modification that I made to the handles of my favorite Snow Peak 600 has stood the test of time, well the answer is not so well. It worked great for the first few months of normal use, providing a non-slip protective barrier for my fingers from […]

Solar Panel Lightweight Hack

Several months ago fellow backpacking and blogger Roman (aka LightHiker) offered up a free solar panel charger on Twitter to anyone who wanted it, all they had to do was to cover the cost of shipping. I narrowly beat Hendrik Morkel to be the first person to respond via Twitter – Ha, Hendrik :-) I […]

A Kupilka Like No Other

I’m surprised at how perfect the Kupilka biomaterial (50% pine wood fiber and 50% plastic) is for carving and engraving. It doesn’t take very much effort, especially with a power tool like a Dremel, and the results are gorgeous. Since my first attempts at engraving my Kupilka 21 I’ve wanted to try something a little […]

Snow Peak 600 – Handle Grip Mod

This is my second Snow Peak 600 cup. My previous one got irreparably damaged (read as “stood on”) last season. Obviously I’m a big fan of this cup if I bought another one, but there were always two things that I had wanted to improve about it – by now you should all know that […]

Vargo Ti Tent Stakes – Quick Hi-Vis Mod

I’ve decided I’m not going to lose any more of my titanium tent stakes! Despite taking care and doing a sweep of my campsite after taking everything down, I still manage to lose a tent stake every now and then – argh! They’re just too darn expensive to keep replacing, so I’m transforming the dull, […]

Kupilka Kustomizations

Once I get in the mood to start modifying gear anything is fair game. In fact you might want to brace yourselves for a flurry of mod/hack posts in the coming days. Ever since getting my hands on a Kupilka 21 cup I’ve wondered what it would be like to work with it as a […]