Keychain Multi Tools Revisited

I recently had a peculiar customer service experience with the makers of the Screwpop keychain tool. I had lost the original 1/4″ hex nut driver that came with the tool and had tried to replace it using a standard 1/4″ hex nut driver that I had spare (already owned). To my utter amazement it didn’t […]

How Much Knife Do You Need?

When it comes to knives there are only two types of people – knife fanatics and everyone else. As much as I like my knives, I probably still fall into the “everyone else” category. If you are a knife fanatic, then everything I am about to say will most likely upset or offend you, but […]

P-38: An Ultralight Jack-of-all-trades

A comment from Mattexian on a recent blog post of mine (Something I Never Hike Without) reminded me of one of my favorite little gadgets that I take for granted, the U.S. ARMY issue P-38 Can opener. I’ve carried one of these on every set of keys that I have had for as far back […]

Giveaway: GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset

Later this week I will be giving away a brand new GSI Pinnacle Soloist cooking set to one very luck blog reader courtesy of my new OpenSky store. In addition to the cook set giveaway, I will be giving everyone a 10% off coupon that can be used this month on any order from my […]

Mini pocket prybars

I’ve recently been looking for more affordable and available alternatives to Peter Atwood tools and gadgets and think I have come up with a really nice little custom tool myself. Well, when I say “myself” what I really mean is an existing mini prybar tool that I added a Peter Atwood style custom cord wrap […]

Gasbaby’s little brother

I wanted to share some pictures of my Atwood Mini Area 51 Keyton. It’s a wee small little fella, but ever so handy to have in your pocket. This one has the same stonewashed finish as my Gasbaby. Enjoy the pictures!

The Atwood has landed

As promised, here are some pictures of my newly arrived Peter Atwood G2 Gasbaby. To be honest, the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a thing of beauty just to hold it, and it functions great for so many little tasks. Can never have too much eye candy!

One of the lucky few

After many months of admiring the work of Peter Atwood, I was finally lucky enough to see a new batch of tools go online and order one before they sold out. They typically sell out within minutes of Peter posting them on his site for sale! I have been waiting to get a G2 Gasbaby […]