Easy Open Hack for DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs

Easy Open Hack for DIY Anti Biotic Pouches

The DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs article I published in June of 2011 is by far the most popular post on my blog. It has been shared, pinned, referenced, and republished over and over again because it is a simple idea with thousands of applications and uses. However, there is one question that gets asked […]

Tent Stake Storage Hack | Cardboard

Here’s a simple trick that I use to make storing my titanium tent stakes a little more fabric-piercing friendly. I’ve had too many pieces of expensive gear accidentally stabbed by these thin tent stakes that I really care to mention, so this hack is a great solution that you might find useful too. Cut off […]

Fisher Space Pen Refill | Ultralight Hack v2

Make the ultimate UL all-weather ballpoint pen for taking notes along the trail with just a standard Fisher Space Pen refill (SPR4) and a short length of heat shrink tubing! The Fisher Space Pen and the associated SPR4 refill earned the reputation throughout the world for being able to write on almost any surface, at […]

Titanium Foil Esbit ‘Tray’ Stove a.k.a ‘BGET’

BGET Titanium Stove

I have a love-hate relationship with Esbit fuel tabs. I want to love them, I really do, but they seem to never work quite right for me so I end up getting frustrated and hating them. The Short Burn Time Issue You may recall that a few weeks ago I posted a blog article about […]

I Really Want to Like Esbit Tabs

[Updated below] The problem is, no matter what type of stove I use, or type of cooking setup I try, I get totally lousy burn times for my Esbit solid fuel tabs. So bad in fact, consistently under 7-8 minutes per tab, that I am unable to bring two cups of 70-degree water to a […]

DIY – Single Use Antibiotic Packs

DIY single use antibiotic packets

The ongoing trend in the consumer market of providing small, ready-to-go, individual size packages of consumables has been a win-win for the lightweight and ultralight backpacking communities. Always looking to shave a few extra ounces or grams off of our overall pack weight, these individual servings are the perfect fit for trail snacks, drinks, condiments […]

Ultralight (17g) 1-Micron Water Filter

Water filtration systems can be bulky and heavy. Depending on the type that you choose they can also be expensive. Pumps and mechanical devices are prone to blockages or failures and chemicals alone result in a less than desirable end product. So what should you do? I’ve grown more and more dissatisfied with many of […]

Ultralight Fly Fishing Box

I’ve been on a bit of a Tenkara kick lately, every since receiving my new Iwana rod and other pieces of Tenkara fishing gear from Daniel at TenkaraUSA just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for me there aren’t any specialized fly fishing stores near where I live in North Carolina, unless someone knows of any? […]

Reader Poll: Home-Made Gear?

I like to make a lot of my own gear, like the Cuben Fiber stuff sack shown above. It saves me money for one thing, but it also tends to give me a much better understanding and appreciation of how something is made and how it functions. I not talking about hacking, tweaking, or modifying […]

Ounces & Inches – Decimal Tables

I always seem to need to look up the decimal value for fractions of an ounce when I’m writing one of my blog posts. I try to include detailed weight specifics for any products or MYOG projects as part of the post. Unfortunately my small digital scales only display weights as fractions and I’m definitely […]