The LoopAlien Has Landed!

Loop Alien Cord Fastener

Knot tying is a skill and a perishable one at that. If you don’t practice and actually use knots on a regular basis you’re never going to be good at them. For those of you that struggle with tying knots, there are cool little gadgets that can help you – like the LoopAlien. A LoopAlien […]

OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar SERE Cord 1505

I do like me some good cord. Some people have a passion for tents, backpacks, stoves, or maybe even a running/hiking shoe fetish. I like some of those too, but cord and knot tying has been a part of my outdoor activities even as a kid. I’ve been testing a sample of a custom made […]

Rainy Day Projects | Paracord Bracelet Kits

The weekend before last was rainy and miserable here in North Carolina, so Jack, Maggie, and I weren’t able to get outdoors to explore and burn off a little steam after a long week. We discussed a couple of things we could do to pass the time (for some reason tidying their bedrooms did not […]