Eagle Creek UL Dopp Kit Bag – Goodbye Ziplocs!

Eagle Creek Ultralight Dopp Kit Bag

Lately I’ve felt as though the quest for lightweight outdoor gear has taken all of the glamour and excitement out of backpacking and hiking. We’ve boiled it down to an exact science driven by weight reduction and peak performance. We have forced ourselves to live out of disposable packets like flimsy ziploc bags and drinking […]

Extreme Ultralite Towel from Discovery Trekking

Discovery Trekking Outfitters Extreme Ultralight backpacking towel

The Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite Towel has very quickly become one of my must have pieces of gear. In fact I really wish I had stumbled upon this nifty little towel much sooner. I’ve been using it for backpacking and crossfit for the past six months. I recently took it to Texas with me for […]

Trekr Ultralight Washcloth by Lunatec

trekr ultralight washcloth

I recently went on a trip to Savage Gulf State Natural Area in lovely Tennessee. It had rained heavily the day before, so everything was soaked and dirty. (It is, after all, the outdoors.) After setting up camp and gathering firewood, my hands were pretty dirty, to say the least. Brian had sent us a […]

Carrying Your Poop | The WAG Bag Waste Kit

No other topic of conversation regarding my recent Mt Whitney trip has elicited more interest than having to poop in a WAG bag. It both fascinates and astonishes people that there could be such a bizarre requirement as to have to carry your own poop out with you and that you get provided with WAG […]

Eyedropper Bottles: An Ultralighter’s Friend


One of the easiest and quickest ways to shave some weight off your pack is by reducing the quantity of a given item that you carry. For most items that’s relatively easy, you just carry less, this works for most things including toiletries, but for liquids like soap, toothpaste, or water purification drops it requires […]

Simple pack weight reductions

Reducing the weight of your pack doesn’t have to happen quickly or be a drastic overnight change. It can happen over the course of several months by making incremental reductions to what you pack as you become more aware of what you are carrying and what you really need or use. However, reducing the number […]